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JSDC.TW Transcript: Building Mobile Devices With the Open Web

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Last week I worked at JSDC.TW 2012 as a volunteer. I was extremely exited about this since it was the first JavaScript conference in Taiwan! Here is my brief summary during the entire conference, and also the preparation on the day before the conference.

Full agenda with slides and videos

And here I’m gonna add caption for one of these video, which might be the hardest one to deal with. It’s still in progress, and needs your help!

My current progress is right below, with most of them already synced into YouTube. If you can help me out, please contact me directly with DISQUS comment! Either transcripting, proofreading, or syncing are all appreciated! Thanks!

The Video

  • Speaker: Andreas Gal (R&D Director of Mozilla)
  • Session Topic: Building Mobile Devices with the Open Web
  • Original Topic: Gaia: A modern smartphone user interface in HTML5 and JavaScript

Transcript (Done, need proofreading)

Synced Caption